Product Card - Hide View and Buy Buttons

This package includes a modification that removes the View and Buy Buttons on all Product Cards in product listings.
It also removes the SEO Description, aligns prices, centre aligns the contents and also makes the whole Product Card a clickable link.
Installation Readme included.

By default, Phoenix Cart will show a View Button and a Buy Button (for products that have no Options/Attributes) on Product Cards.
This enables customers to add products to cart and purchase without reading the product page.
In most stores, this is not advisable.
It is important to ensure that customers at least read the full product description on the product page before purchase to avoid possible "product not as described" complaints.
The product page might also include other important product information as well as links to other products.
Making the whole Product Card a clickable link obviates the need for the View button. The result is better informed customers and a better customer experience which leads to increased conversion and sales and a better looking product listing.

Tested on CE Phoenix Cart v. with PHP 8.0 but may work on earlier and later versions.


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