Website Services

What we can do for you...

What can we do for you?

We can help at every stage from designing and publishing your website idea to customising and configuring a published Phoenix Cart website.

Time and money can be saved by doing some of this yourself.
We have made the check list below to include all the essential steps needed if you want to do some DIY and get started yourself.

Why Start a Website?

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is now.

Like planting trees, if you do not have a website yet, now is the time to start and watch your business grow. Internet use is growing at an unprecedented rate along with smartphone and mobile technology so whether you already have an established business or you are launching a new idea, having an online presence is now expected by your customers. Your website will work for you providing an information service as well as generating sales 24/7 without the overheads of bricks and mortar premises.

How to Start a Website?

Here's a basic check list of what must be done, in order, before a website can be published.

Register a Domain Name and Hosting Account

You will be able to search for what domain names are available. Choose a .com if you want a global audience, otherwise choose one of the many others available for your country like, for example, .uk

Your website will need to be hosted on a server. What does that mean? A server is where your website will be saved and it manages access to your website from other computers.

Ensure to choose a hosting package that includes databases and email for your domain name. Make sure to also purchase a SSL Certificate if not included with the hosting package. This will ensure all connections to your website are secured and will apply the security padlock seen in the browser address bar.

Cost: Domain Names cost is variable and registration can be for a year or more but works out at about £1.00 - £2.00 per month for most domain names.

Cost: Hosting cost is variable but expect to pay at least £10.00 per month.

We know the following companies provide good service with easy CE Phoenix Cart installation and hosting.

Install CE Phoenix Cart Software

Some hosting companies also offer websites or website builders but that will tie your website to that host so should be avoided.
The website will also be difficult or impossible to modify and customise if needed.
This is just one reason why we use CE Phoenix Cart e-commerce software which gives complete control to the website owner for free!

 Read why we use CE Phoenix Cart

Many hosting companies will be able to install CE Phoenix Cart for you or you can do it yourself - see Phoenix Cart Website for details.

Cost: Zero

Create the Website Content

A website will need content, that is, images and text. Images must be optimised for use on the internet or else your website will be very slow - not good. Taking photographs has never been easier but optimising for the internet will take time.

Cost: Website owners will probably create their own content so this just costs time. There is Image Optimisation software available for website owners to do this themselves but otherwise expect to pay a website developer at least the same hourly rate as other technicians and tradespeople.

Customise the Website

CE Phoenix Cart has done a lot of hard work already and also allows website owners to do a lot themselves, especially when using Templates, Themes, Addons and Modules. This can keep the cost of customisation very low in comparison to the £1000's quoted by many companies. Ensure everything is tested and working as expected.

Cost: Variable but expect to pay a website developer at least the same hourly rate as other technicians and tradespeople.

Of course, we can help at any stage in this process so just contact us.